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Jermaine O'Neal out for at least 3 games to tend to daughter


Jermaine O'Neal's daughter is having surgery to repair a leaky heart valve, and will miss at least the next three games.

The Malice at the Palace: An oral history of the scariest moment in NBA history

Blaha: Bill Laimbeer and I were broadcasting the game down by the Pistons bench. Everything happened on the other end of press row. And the reason I wasn't particularly shook up about it is because Bill Laimbeer didn't seem to be particularly bothered by it. He was kind of nonplussed by the whole thing. http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/7612311/view/full/an-oral-history-malice-palace

Jermaine O'Neal Is Reaching For The Ring


Here's an interesting interview with Jerome on why he signed with the Celtics. Here's the Heat related quotes: "The choice to come to Boston was difficult to make but easy to live with. Knowing the intentions to build a star-studded team in Miami, O’Neal could have stayed with the Heat this offseason. But the Celtics had players who had been through similar things as O’Neal. "I look at Paul Pierce,’’ he said. "I know he understands being on a good team to being in a terrible situation to being good again. So I’m sure he can vouch for what I’m saying, how valuable your time is when you’re there. That was the situation. I went from being at a really high point to being at a very low point.’’ The Celtics also had a championship-proven formula built around unselfishness. The Heat, O’Neal said, are still untested. How Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade will coexist is unknown. The Celtics have made two Finals appearances while balancing three superstars and allowing Rajon Rondo to emerge as an All-Star as well. "There’s no ego, and it’s hard to find no egos,’’ O’Neal said. "As good as individual players are, especially when I look at a situation like Miami, none of those guys had to really deal with sacrificing. "That’s what made Boston more intriguing for me and a situation I thought would be better for me. These guys [in Miami] are all really good individual guys that are used to shooting 20 times a night just last year. These are all young guys. "So no matter what you say or how you say it, they’re going to still want the credit. But I know the Boston Celtics aren’t about that.’’ After 14 years in the NBA, he has experienced the highs the league has to offer. He’s after the feeling Pierce had two years ago. "That’s self-validation,’’ O’Neal said. "That helps me think, ‘OK, you know what, Jermaine, everything you went through, every good moment, every bad moment, every issue that basketball has caused, strife it’s caused to your family, to your friendships, to your relationships, to your business, whatever it may be, this validates going through that.’ "That’s how I see it.’’

Paul, James Underpaid; In Other News, the Sun Came Up Again Today


Ordinarily, I don't like quibbling with—or maybe picking on—Dave Berri. The author of the illustrious Wages of Win, which sold poorly, angered many people and yet somehow helped bring advanced...

Jermaine O'Neal Back Tonight Against Sixers?


The Miami Herald is reporting that he might be.

Today in Sports History: February 9th

(Magic Johnson attempts a layup. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press) 2/09/1992 - Magic comes back at All-Star GameThree months after his shocking announcement that was infected with the AIDS...

11/19/2004 - The Malice at the Palace

Five years ago, the NBA experienced a black eye for the ages.

Cold Shooting Costs Miami Against New Jersey


Cold Shooting Costs Miami Against New Jersey

Heat @ Nets GAMEDAY


Heat @ Nets GAMEDAY Preview

Heat @ Celtics GAMEDAY


Heat @ Celtics GAMEDAY Preview

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