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Same Old Song

Overall, Mark Cuban has been a great owner but there have been some major gaffes.Steve Nash, Erick Dampier and the big kahuna: the summer of 2011.I've been a Mavericks fan from the very first year...


Déjà vu: the long way home

Once upon a time in the land of Big D there was a very good basketball team led by a big German giant named Dirk. Dirk’s team, the Mavericks, was an exciting offensive team that scored lots of...


It's Time for Martell Webster to EARN HIS MONEY!

Going into the 2012-2013 contract year season Martell Webster said all the right words while beating out Trevor Ariza for the starting Small Forward position. Even though he had a serious back...

Mark Cuban's Warning: College Football as Well?


Mark Cuban warns that the NFL is ten years away from imploding due to oversaturation of the market. If he's right, his points apply to the college game as well.

Mark Cuban on Mo Cheeks Firing


CLNS Radio's Jared Weiss spoke to Mavs owner Mark Cuban Friday about the perils of running a franchise and the firing of Mo Cheeks


Optimist vs Realist vs Something Else-ist

This is a response to Mark C. Moore's post "About the Brittney Griner / Mark Cuban / NBA thing". Because I am long winded and can not (apparently) speak my mind in a succinct manner, I was not...

Mark Cuban makes distasteful 'boyfriend' joke at the expense of Bill Simmons, apologizes


Mark Cuban has seemed to be a great ally of the LGBT community over the years, even saying that the first out pro athlete in North America would make a boatload of cash. But there's still a little...

Mark Cuban says an NBA player will come out in the next 'three to five years'


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined TMZ Live recently to talk about the prospects of a female coach in the NBA. Cuban said the NBA will eventually embrace a female coach, just as they will...

Poll shows 90% of English soccer fans are gay-friendly, blame closet on agents


Revelations that sports aren't as homophobic as long thought are becoming a broken record in the mainstream media. The latest is yet still another poll that shows fans don't care if a player is gay...

Mark Cuban: 'Our fans just punked the shit out of the Miami fans'


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been strangely silent these NBA playoffs, uncharacteristic for a guy who never hesitates to say what's on his mind. Cuban left his self-imposed cone of silence...

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