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Sounds like a sure thing to me! Break out the champagne, y'all, the Kings are staying :)

What do Peyton Manning and Steve Nash have in Common?


Peyton Manning and Steve Nash were both separated from their teams which they spend their entire careers with, but why mention them together if they play different sports? What exactly do they have in common?

10 Examples Of Triple H Being The Worst Thing To Happen To Wrestling


A good ol' friend over at The Smoking Section (TSS) gives several reasons why Triple H is the worst thing to happen to the WWE. Burials, racial innuendos, and Triple H being Triple H included.

Blazers Seen As "Good Fit" For Nash

Bradford Doolittle of Basketball Prospectus, writing for ESPN Insider, suggests that the Portland Trail Blazers would be one of several "good fits" for Steve Nash this offseason (placing Portland in the same category as the L*kers, Nets, Magic, and Raptors). --------------------------------- "The Blazers have a chance to be major players in the offseason, with an exceptional core player in LaMarcus Aldridge, a solid running mate in restricted free agent Nicolas Batum and plenty of financial flexibility. What the Blazers don't have is a permanent general manager or much certainty about who they could surround a core of Aldridge, Batum and Nash with. Portland could possibly win Nash over on dollars and cultural fit. Rip City is definitely Nash's kind of town." --------------------------------- Doolittle pegs the Mavericks and Knicks as "better fits" for Nash's services, with the Heat seen as the "best fit" for the aging yet still dominant point guard.

Steve Nash and Grant Hill to be benched on Back-to-Back-to-Backs


It almost goes without saying that if the Phoenix Suns are playing three days in a row, veterans Nash and Hill would be sitting out the second game at the least. There are only two B2B2B games this season so I don't see that as a huge problem. What's more worrisome is the 18 B2Bs they have to play. via Coro: "The Suns twice have games on three consecutive nights this season. Gentry said he would consider sitting out Steve Nash and Grant Hill for one of those games, especially because each of those sets are part of five games in seven days with travel."

"No Look Pass"


My review of the "No Look Pass" documentary. I recommend the movie to everybody. I even mention Nate Robinson at the end!

Dwight Jaynes follow up article


Here's Dwight Jaynes' follow piece on the trade idea. It's not very insightful. He applauds the Steve Nash idea (yuck), mentions Felton, who would be an ok consolation prize if we were getting something more, Johnny Flynn (seriously?), and Tony Parker...along with Antonio McDyess, who I'm pretty sure saw was going to retire, but Parker would be my number 1 choice outside of Deron Williams if it were possible. Obviously these are my opinions, feel free to form your own. I'm not sure why Devin Harris isn't mentioned when Utah is shopping him so hard right now, and I'm surprised he doesn't mention Chris Paul....lol. http://www.csnnw.com/pages/landingdwight?Getting-down-to-business-what-sort-of-ve=1&blockID=536374



Hi I am a student at PSU putting on a 3v3 Mens 40+ basketball tourney to benefit Zero (the project to end Prostate Cancer) Please come to our facebook page, let us know if you are interested in putting a team together, have any stories to share about prostate cancer in your life, and like our page!!! Thank you. Any other questions can be directed to ZERO3on3@hotmail.com

The Mother of all Blockbusters!!!


Well, that got your attention, huh? http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=2cmurr5

Whatiyah know it's Steve Nash


A fan shares a story, from a couple years ago, about spotting Steve Nash playing ball at a New York City gym during the off-season.

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