Phoenix Suns Trade Rumors

Latest on Gortat, Telfair...and Morris?


The Phoenix Suns could make a lot of moves in the next week, but they also could stand pat. Such is the position of leverage of the Suns front office as the team eyes the NBA trade deadline.

FSN AZ Reports Bassy and JO are 'for sale'


According to personnel guys around the league, the Suns also are looking to move backup center Jermaine O’Neal and (now) third-string point guard Sebastian Telfair for whatever return doesn’t compromise the team’s cap flexibility. That probably translates to second-round picks.

What's ahead for staggering Suns after break?

Trade Deadline Power Rankings (!)


SB Nation's Paul Flannery put together a great Power Rankings of the NBA Trade Deadline. Various trade rumors are covered, assessed, snarked, and put into some kind of cogent order.

Have we seen the last of these guys?


With the All-Star break upon us and eight days remaining until the trade deadline, Phoenix Suns fans may have seen the last of several players in Suns home uniforms.



All Suns players are available via trade, according to a source. Phoenix has strong interest in Knicks guard Iman Shumpert that doesn't appear to be reciprocated.

NBA Power Rankings: Spurs still the best - Yahoo! Sports

Suns looking to make trade music with Jazz?


As the NBA trade deadline rapidly nears, it's becoming clear that the Phoenix Suns are going to be an active player at least in the rumor market. In this lastest report, the Suns are looking at the...

Practice Report: Trade Rumors Persist


This season the Phoenix Suns have had to deal with adversity from about every conceivable angle. Now they have to listen to and sift through the monster that is Rumor Central regarding all of their...

Shumpert to Suns? Heck yeah I would!


With the deadline for 2013 trades only 11 days away, NBA trade rumors are going to start popping up in droves.

Knicks want Dudley?

The Knicks may or may not want Jared Dudley and the Suns seem to be interested in Imam Shumpert. Fun times at the ole trade deadline rumors.

Let's Make a Deal?


With less than 3 weeks until the trade deadline, the Phoenix Suns are sitting on a 16-32 record with a roster full of very serviceable parts. The question is whether the Suns want them for next...

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