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What should we expect from Devin Booker’s defense in 2019-20?

What is the best and worst-case scenario for Booker’s defensive capabilities this season?

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Locked On Suns Friday: Preseason playoff predictions

Which teams will make the playoffs this year, per the LOS crew? We run through the West and East while also outlining where the Suns land.

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The Madhouse - Week of 9/20

Rubio, Tyler, Baynes, Kaminsky, Booker, Ayton, Suns tanking is for chumps.

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Did James Jones drop a bomb by mentioning Deandre Ayton as a power forward?

James Jones went on the Suns ‘The Outlet’ with Lindsey Smith to talk all things off season and what to expect in training camp.

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Locked On Suns Wednesday: The best and worst-case scenarios for the Suns this season

It’s time to run through all of these scenarios across the roster. How will it go for Phoenix?

Suns have difficult decision with Dario Saric, but easy calls on other rookie deals

The Phoenix Suns have through the month of October to make some calls on 2020-21 contracts for Ayton, Bridges and Saric.

Solar Panel special! A deep dive on rookie Ty Jerome with Streaking The Lawn

Dave, Greg and Tim interview Caroline Darney from SB Nation site about new Suns rookie Ty Jerome

A rejuvenated Ricky Rubio is just what the Suns wanted to see this summer

What Rubio’s MVP performance in the FIBA World Cup tells us about how the Suns can improve in 2019-20.

The best- and worst-case scenarios for the Suns’ offense in 2019-20

Devin Booker won’t be struggling, but how about his new teammates?

Locked On Suns Monday: Looking back on the Suns’ summer of change with Espo

Espo makes his first appearance on the show to break down James Jones’ first summer at the helm and what success looks like for the 2019-20 Suns.

Solar Panel, ep. 152: Comparing Suns forwards to the rest of the West, Part 2

Dave, Greg and Tim finish their deep dive on West starting lineups

Center of the Sun: Ricky Rubio’s FIBA World Cup performance leaves the Suns looking smart to sign him

So much for the ESPN poll calling it one of the worst moves of the summer.

Rubio wins gold, MVP; Baynes hurt in FIBA World Cup

New Suns players competed for medals in the FIBA World Championship

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Should we expect the Suns’ rookies to earn consistent playing time this season?

Cam Johnson is a likely candidate to join the rotation as a rookie, but Ty Jerome and Jalen Lecque may be brought along more slowly.

Locked On Suns Friday: The Suns’ big rotation is set up to maximize Deandre Ayton

Between a steadfast veteran backup and floor-spacers around him, Ayton has the help to improve in Year 2.

The Madhouse - Week of 9/13

Rubio, Saric, Oubre, Marbury, Booker, unions, the return of video stores, and Danny Ainge sucks.

FIBA World Cup Buyer’s Market, Phoenix Suns edition

Whose stock is up and whose stock is down heading into the final days of the FIBA World Cup in China?

Examining the Suns’ potential to improve their three-point shooting this season

Can last season’s weakness be turned into this season’s strength?

Locked On Suns Wednesday: Wing rotation comes down to more than Mikal Bridges vs. Kelly Oubre Jr. starting

We continue to go position-by-position on the Suns’ roster as we discuss the wing rotation.

Deandre Ayton doing his part in Hurricane Dorian relief — Here’s how you can help!

Ayton grew up in the Bahamas, a chain of islands which were decimated by Hurricane Dorian last week.

NBA Free Agency

Solar Panel, ep. 151: Debating the SI Top 100, which includes Booker, Rubio but ignores Ayton, Saric

Dave, Greg and Tim discuss the merits of the SI Top 100

FIBA Update: Team USA out while Rubio’s Spain and Baynes Australia make semifinals!

Team USA lost to France in the quarterfinals of the FIBA World Championships

Locked On Suns Tuesday: Devin Booker-Ricky Rubio partnership takes center stage in the Suns’ guard rotation

We continue previewing the 2019-20 season by starting our positional breakdowns with the Suns’ playmakers.

Today's NBA news

Deandre Ayton, Dario Saric outside SI Top 100, which includes Wiggins, Ross, Kuzma and more

Ayton and a new addition are getting no love from national media.

Who will start between Mikal Bridges and Kelly Oubre?

Which Phoenix Suns small forward will start the most games?

Suns reportedly sign Haywood Highsmith to training camp deal

Highsmith signed an Exhibit 10 contract with the Suns, meaning it can be converted to a two-way deal.

Center of the Sun: Rubio and Baynes are playing well in China and hopefully they will continue to do so with Suns

As the FIBA World Cup games near their end, the beginning of training camp looms closer.

Deandre Ayton donating 100k to Hurricane Dorian relief in The Bahamas

Ayton, who was born and raised in The Bahamas, is giving back and also setting up a way for others to help.

Locked On Suns Friday: How the Suns’ newfound depth can create a balanced rotation for Monty Williams

With two above-average point guards, an entirely new frontcourt, and several new veterans, the Suns will have a real rotation of NBA talent this season.

The Madhouse - Week of 9/6

Tony Delk, someone should hit a college football coach, Suns expectations, shortened NBA season.

Solar Panel, ep. 150: Deep dive on Booker and the Suns chances this year, with Matt Moore

Dave and Matt Moore of HP Basketball and the Action Network discuss lots of Booker storylines

The best and worst-case scenarios for Deandre Ayton’s defense in 2019-20

The nightly impact Ayton brings to the Suns’ defense really could go either way.

Analytics show Mikal Bridges’ unique profile is only ascending

Bridges didn’t make an All-Rookie team, but the advanced metrics show he’s poised for a huge leap in Year 2.

Locked On Suns Wednesday: Who won the Suns’ offseason?

The floor for this team jumped way up over the summer, but who benefitted most from all the changes?


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