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The Devin Booker video is nothing to worry about

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Solar Panel, ep. 148: Deep Dive on Suns rookie Cameron Johnson

Greg and Dave discuss Cam’s career at North Carolina with

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Partnership between Monty Williams and Devin Booker is at the center of this year’s Suns

Great teams tend to always have a coach and star player whose style and mindset align.

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Jalen Lecque wants in the 2020 Dunk Contest

Zion who? Lecque wants to go toe-to-toe with the best dunkers at All-Star Weekend.

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Locked On Suns Friday: How can Mikal Bridges improve in 2019-20?

From aggressiveness as a playmaker to bulking up and adding functional strength, we break down what we hope to see from Bridges this season.

The Madhouse - Week of 8/23/19

Wins. Losses. Negele Knight. Suns pride. Shut up, James Harden.

Solar Panel, ep. 147: Devin Booker and the No Good Very Bad Double Team Debate

Tim and Dave cover the latest Suns news and perform some unique analysis on the West back courts

Locked On Suns Wednesday: The latest Devin Booker debate blows up plus how can Kelly Oubre Jr. improve in 2019-20?

We laugh along with the open gym double team debate centered around Devin Booker before diving into a breakdown of Kelly Oubre’s game.

Devin Booker responds to open gym double team controversy, defends winning mentality

Booker had to respond to all the online backlash eventually, and took it in stride by explaining himself and joking around about it. What else could he do?

Who’s better: Phoenix Suns or Sacramento Kings?

Next up in the season preview series, we compare the Suns to the Kings with the help of

The Suns need defense, Aron Baynes brings defense

Aron Baynes has made every team he’s played on better defensively. Can he do the same for the Suns?

Who’s better: Phoenix Suns or Oklahoma City Thunder?

Next up in the season preview series, we compare the Suns to the Thunder with the help of

NBA rookies agree with everyone else that the Suns drafted two fantastic shooters

In the league’s annual rookie survey, other first-year players voted Ty Jerome and Cam Johnson into the top five for who they believe are the best shooters in the 2019 class.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Locked On Suns Monday: How can Deandre Ayton improve in 2019-20?

This week will be all about individual player development, and we start off by forecasting Deandre Ayton’s 2019-20.

Who will be the breakout star for the Suns?

The candidates are an easy choice to join Devin Booker.

Center of the Sun: Way too early predictions for the opening months of the Suns’ 2019-20 season

Will the Suns get off to a good start?

An attempt to understand why the Suns won’t just stretch the players they don’t want

From Troy Daniels and Tyson Chandler to Tyler Johnson and Josh Jackson, the Suns have made it obvious they want to avoid the stretch provision and multiple years of cap hits.

‘I ain’t been to the playoffs yet’: Devin Booker’s latest summer workout goes viral

At least being guarded by Ben Simmons, Tony Snell and John Lucas III, Booker looks unstoppable.

Solar Panel, ep. 146: Predicting the first 18 games of the Suns’ schedule: 6, 8 or 12 wins?

Tim, Dave and Greg cover the latest Suns news and perform some unique analysis on the Suns schedule.

Suns vault from No. 17 last year to No. 2 in miles traveled for 2019-20 road schedule

The Suns’ schedule doesn’t do them any favors with their road travel.

NBA Free Agency

ESPN projections currently have the Suns doubling their 2018-19 win total this season

ESPN Real Plus-Minus projections were updated for the first time this week, and the Suns were the biggest winner.

Locked On Suns Friday: Cole Zwicker of The Stepien joins to give his thoughts on the Suns’ offseason and preview the 2020 PG class

Cole hops on for his evaluation of the Suns’ summer and who could be available to them in the 2020 draft.

The Madhouse - Week of 8/16/19

Man this is starting to feel like a long offseason

Today's NBA news

Locked On Suns Thursday: The Kyler/Book hype machine and Suns All-Decade teams with Kevin Zimmerman of Arizona Sports

It’s time to analyze the two biggest young stars in Arizona sports: Cardinals QB Kyler Murray and Suns star Devin Booker.

Who’s better: Phoenix Suns or San Antonio Spurs?

Next up in the season preview series, we compare the Suns to the Spurs with the help of SB Nation’s

Who’s better: Phoenix Suns or Memphis Grizzlies?

To begin the season preview series, we compare the Suns to the Grizzlies with the help of managing editor Joe Mullinax of SB Nation’s

Phoenix Suns could ride early winnable schedule back to respectability

After October, the Suns schedule loosens up and could allow them to build foundational momentum.

Locked On Suns Monday: Takeaways from the 2019-20 schedule plus our way too early predictions for the Suns’ record

The NBA released the 2019-20 regular season schedule on Monday, so we give you the highlights and predict the Suns’ record.

Here’s what you need to know about the Suns’ 2019-20 schedule

The NBA released its full schedule Monday, and it is more favorable to the Suns than you’d expect for a team in the West.

Center of the Sun: The Suns’ 2019-20 season is still far away but the season schedule is not

Will the new schedule start off easy, difficult or somewhere in-between?

Solar Panel, ep. 145: Suns backcourt vs. the West, Part 2; plus Alex Len, Kyler Murray and Deandre Ayton

Tim, Dave and Greg cover the latest Suns news and perform some unique analysis on the West back courts

Deandre Ayton showing off that three-pointer at The Crawsover

Deandre Ayton showed up at Jamal Crawford’s Crawsover Pro-Am league this weekend to put on a show.

What should Suns fans expect from Mikal Bridges next season?

Bridges’ defense will continue to shine, that’s for sure.

Report: Phoenix Suns will begin 2019-20 season at home against Sacramento Kings

The first schedule leak has arrived 48 hours until the full slate is released.


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