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T.J. Warren’s jersey to hang from the rafters at NC State

Warren will be recognized in a pregame ceremony before the Wolfpack take on Wake Forest.

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Locked On Suns Tuesday: Early offseason outlook with Max and David from the 7SOL podcast

We brought on Max McCauley and David Nash from the 7SOL podcast to project forward into the Suns’ 2019 offseason.

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Calling my shot: Suns will approach 20 wins this season

After winning only 11 of the team’s first 59 games, Phoenix would have to win 9 of their last 23 to get out of the teens. I think they will.

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Suns worth more than seven playoff teams


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Locked On Suns Monday: All-Star break reset with Max and David from the 7SOL podcast

We brought on Max McCauley and David Nash from the 7SOL podcast to take stock of the Suns at the All-Star break.

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Solar Panel, ep. 114: Staying positive about the Phoenix Suns

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Center of the Sun: Suns face an easier schedule following the All-Star break

Whether an easier schedule will bring more wins is debatable, though.

Open Thread: Phoenix Suns (11-38) vs. Portland Trail Blazers (29-20)

The shorthanded Suns try to upend the resurgent Trail Blazers.

If this season for the Suns ends with Zion Williamson, it’s all worth it

With Phoenix holding the tag as the worst team at the All-Star break, how would landing No. 1 again change this franchise?

Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton represent hope of breaking longstanding All-Star streak

The Phoenix Suns haven’t had an All-Star in now seven years. And it’s been a decade since two were selected. Will that be changing in the near future? It definitely should.

Fixing All-Star Weekend: Slamball, Cash by Quarter, and Hunger Games competitions

There are so many ways to increase viewership on All-Star Weekend. I’ve got some ideas.

The Phoenix Suns have continuously failed Devin Booker during his career

55 different teammates in three and a half years. No starting-caliber point guard in a year and a half. Mismanaged with little to no win-now talent surrounding him — it has to change ASAP.

The Bookers know that winning games is the key to All-Star nods

Booker looks at best friends and All-Stars D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns as motivation.

Missing on Mike Budenholzer is the forgotten mistake in this Suns season

The former Hawks coach and current Bucks ringleader probably would have at least found a point guard by now.

Suns tying Devin Booker’s All-Star Weekend performance to discounted tickets

Back to back for Book means half off tix.

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Is Josh Jackson better as a starter or reserve?

Fixing the Suns with one simple answer: put David Griffin in charge

Giving autonomy and loads of cash to David Griffin is the clearest, simplest answer to putting the Suns back in the right direction.

Locked On Suns Thursday: All-Star weekend preview and NBA Draft top fives

We break down the Suns’ stars chances on Friday and Saturday night in Charlotte before unveiling our updated top five prospects in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Again, the Phoenix Suns are setting a new standard for rock bottom

15 straight losses. Just three victories since their four-game win streak almost two months ago. This season is giving last year’s a run for its money with massive disappointment.

NBA Free Agency

If LeBron James eventually becomes an NBA owner, he wants to bring James Jones with him

The Suns’ co-interim general manager is on the King’s short list as he looks toward a future in basketball, according to The Athletic.

Locked On Suns Wednesday: It doesn’t get much worse than this

The Suns tied the record for worst losing streak in franchise history with loss No. 15 tonight in Los Angeles.

Recap: Suns cap off pre-All-Star schedule with embarrassing loss to Clippers, 134-107

15 straight losses now for the Suns.

Today's NBA news

Open Thread: Phoenix Suns (11-47) vs. Los Angeles Clippers (31-27)

Will the Suns’ losing streak extend to 15?

2-Minute Drill: Josh Jackson is figuring out how to use speed to his advantage near the rim

In a new short video series, I wanted to show why Josh Jackson’s improvements shouldn’t be going unnoticed.

Game Preview: The Suns just need to get a win

The Suns are shorthanded once again, but they really, really want to go into All-Star weekend with a win.

Devin Booker agrees that Deandre Ayton needs to be fed more in the post

Igor Kokoskov and Devin Booker want to get Ayton more touches inside.

Deandre Ayton’s lack of consistent touches may seem head scratching, but it’s par for the course with most rookie bigs

Ayton has seen peaks and valleys with his inside opportunities, but don’t be worried about that just yet.

Fans are excited about the things Deandre Ayton is saying

We’re not winning games, but the future of the franchise is saying all the right things.

Locked On Suns Tuesday: The James Jones progress report

Jones’ two appearances on 98.7 FM on Monday revealed his thinking about the team going forward.

James Jones on Suns: “We’re a ways away,” doesn’t want to rely on production from young players next season

For 98.7 FM’s Newsmakers Week 2019, Co-Interim GM James Jones had a 20-minute sit-down interview.

Solar Panel, ep. 113: Grading the NBA trade deadline, for Suns and around the NBA

What did the Suns do?

Locked On Suns Monday: Where do the Suns go from here?

Heading into the All-Star break, health could be the only reprieve from more losing.

Center of the Sun: Suns fall to 11-47 with one game left before All-Star break

24 games left in yet another season that has crushed the hopes of Suns fans.

Recap: Kings cruise to easy 117-104 victory over Suns

Phoenix has now lost 14 straight games.


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