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Game Thread #20: Phoenix Suns vs Miami Heat

The surging Phoenix Suns (14-6) face the struggling Miami Heat (9-11) tonight in the last game of the Suns 5-game road trip.  Miami will not have Dwayne Wade (wisdoom teeth surgery) or Shaquille O'Neal (knee surgery) and they possibly will not have Gary Payton so on paper the game looks easy enough to win.

But there are some problems for the Suns.  First, all teams seem to let down on the last game of a long road trip.  Second, the Suns have been known in past seasons for only playing up to the opponent's skill level.  If that trend continues, the Suns could be in for a long night.

On the other hand, Amare Stoudemire, Steve Nash and Shawn Marion are all playing very well right now.  Raja Bell and Boris Diaw are also playing great.  When you've got a starting 5 like that, there's no stopping you as long as they play as well as they can.

If the Suns win tonight, they're just two games away from their team record for wins.  And the two opponents they play this weekend are Golden State and Sacramento - both struggling teams.  But let's not look too far ahead.  Once the Suns put it to Miami, they can celebrate on the plane ride back home and look forward to demolishing the next team in their path.

What do you think?  Can the Suns pull of the next three wins to tie their team record?

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