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Arenas score 100 on the Suns? Nah...

Fellow SBN blogger, Pradamaster, of the web site Bullets Forever reminded me in his most recent post of the threat that Gilbert Arenas made against the Suns when he was cut from Team USA.  Pradamaster is already giving "Agent Zero" a break by predicting he'll get 50.  I don't think he'll even come close to that.

Luckily, the first game where the Suns will face him comes in about a week - on December 22 - and is bound to be a good one.  Most likely Shawn Marion will defend Arenas and no one is going to put up 50 on Shawn.  Arenas may score 30 - maybe even 35 - but no way he's putting up 50.

Thanks for the welcome, Pradamaster.  Great site, by the way.  Everyone should check it out.

This guy put up 50 on the Suns? No way...

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