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It's About Time

Marc Stein finally saw the light.  It only took him a 12-game winning streak and amazing performances by all the players on the team to realize that the Suns are the #1 team in the league right now.

Of course, he's always got to be some kind of a downer on the Suns and points out that they have only won 2 games against teams over .500 in the streak.  On the other hand, he also pointed out that the Suns put up tons of points on their opponents and then the next night still went out and won some more!

The Suns swept the 5 game road trip and as long as they keep their intensity up, they should win the next 2-3 games as well!

Thanks, Stein, for finally giving the Suns their due.  I'll expect them to drop a spot even if they don't lose during this next week - it happened last week so you can make it happen again.

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