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Down go the Kings! Suns win 14 in a row; have 2nd best record in league

I really thought the Suns had a chance to lose this game tonight.  They've had 5 away games in the past 6 games and they really looked tired last night.  Then the game started tonight and the Suns looked like they were asleep.  It was terrible!  The Suns have scored nearly 40 points in some quarters.  At the end of the first half, they only had 45 points for the game.

But the problem for the Kings was that they let the Suns stay in it.  They didn't capitalize by shooting lights out (the Kings only shot 38% for the first half) or by keeping the Suns as far down as possible.  They let Leandro Barbosa come into the game in the 1st half and at least keep the Suns close.  And the Kings paid for it in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  

Raja Bell came out and scored 13 points in the 3rd quarter (after having a nasty bang on the head while going for a ball in the 2nd) and Leandro Barbosa continued having a good night.  Of course, it doesn't help the Kings that 7 Suns scored in double figures.  James Jones didn't score but I did enjoy seeing him play some good defense when he was in the game.  Amare Stoudemire continues to shine and led the team in both points and rebounds.  He should have had one more rebound but the refs (where were equally bad on both sides of the ball last night) called a foul against him - probably because a one-handed rebound ripped away from an opponent isn't seen every day and they thought that something underhanded must have happened.  But in the replays, it just shows Amare ripping the ball away from the Kings player and the Kings player falling over in surprise.

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