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Knicks, Nuggets Brawl Can Only Help Suns

At this point in the season, the Knicks/Nuggets brawl is going to help the Suns directly.  The NBA hasn't come out with the suspensions but Carmelo Anthony is bound to get suspended for several games starting tonight.  And the Suns play the Nuggets on Wednesday.

Speaking of the brawl, Isiah Thomas instigated this whole thing.  There seem to be too many "coincidences" here.  How do you explain the following:

  1.  The most stunning piece of news in this whole thing is what ESPN is now reporting.  If you visit ESPN and look at their ESPN Motion, they'll show you Isiah Thomas telling Carmelo Anthony, "Don't go to the basket right now" right before the brawl happened.
  2.  Thomas played on one of the roughest, dirtiest playing teams ever to place foot on an NBA court.  So he's used to playing dirty when he doesn't get his way and could have easily told his players to take the law into their own hands.
  3.  Thomas went up to Carmelo Anthony and spoke to him right after the brawl.  He basically said that the Nuggets were to blame because they were running up the score.  Sorry, Isiah, that's a dumb response.  You're big boys.  If you weren't such a terrible GM and coach, maybe your guys would get blown out every night.
Isiah Thomas should be kicked out of the league right now.  He is the worst GM ever in the NBA and is now telling his players to take another team out.  He is in way over his head and should be removed and never allowed back into a management position in the NBA.  I always thought Isiah's antics with the Knicks were a joke.  Now he's gone a little too far.

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