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Game Thread #23: Phoenix Suns vs. Toronto Raptors

The Suns have a couple of reasons to win tonight's game.  Not only will it get them a franchise record 15th straight win, it will also be against their former GM.

The Raptors don't have much going for them coming into tonight's game.  They are 10-14 and are without Chris Bosh.  But as I've mentioned before (several times), that's scary.  It will be very easy for the Suns to look ahead to Denver tomorrow night.  And if they do, the Raptors have the ability to beat them.

Keys to tonights game:

  1.  Stay focused.  Steve Nash said the team came out and had a terrible practice on Monday.  Let's hope that doesn't continue through tonight's game.
  2.  Stay motivated.  The Suns will most likely come out with fire in the first quarter but if they get a double-digit lead, can they keep up the intensity?
Any others I forgot?  Let me know below!

More after tonight's game.

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