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15 and Counting!!

The Suns came out and didn't even give the Toronto Raptors a chance tonight.  Amare Stoudemire had a huge game with 28 points and 10 rebounds.  Steve Nash had 15 assists and 10 points.  To show how well the starters played, Boris Diaw had the worst game of all the starters.  And he had 12 points, 2 turnovers and fouled out of the game.  But still, not a bad game.

The Suns are rolling.  They play the Nuggets on Wednesday and that should be a better game than tonight's.

The Suns scored 33 in the first quarter, 20 in the 2nd and 37 in the third.  At that point, the game was over and the scrubs started coming in.  The Raptors went on a 22-5 run at one point but the lead had been so large that there really wasn't enough time for the Raptors to cause more than just a little stress.

It was a boring game since the outcome wasn't really in doubt but I think I'll take a few more of those if the streak can continue.

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