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Which team is better: 1993 or 2006?

Now that the 2006 Phoenix Suns team has broken the win streak record with 15 wins (and counting) which team do you think is better: the 2006 Phoenix Suns team that has won 15 games so far OR the 1993 team with Charles Barkley, Dan Majerle, Kevin Johnson and Tom Chambers that won 14 in a row and went to the finals?

I've got a poll after the jump. Let me know what the answer is there or make a comment below.

My thoughts? I still think the 1993 team was better. As I remember it (and it's been long enough that my memory could be all messed up), it seems that the 1993 team had more of a killer instinct. They got a huge lead and then let the scrubs come in to clean up. With the 2006 team, they can't really do that because the bench isn't deep enough.

I'm curious to know what you think. Let me know in the poll and in the comments!

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