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Game Thread #26: Phoenix Suns vs. Washington Wizards

The Phoenix Suns play the Washington Wizards tonight in what is bound to be an awesome game.  The Wizards are coming off an awesome win against the Sacramento Kings last night where they scored 44 points in the 3rd quarter.  Gilbert Arenas scored 30 points in the win.

Speaking of Gilbert Arenas, this is a good time to bring up the threat he made against the Suns in the offseason.  After getting cut from Team USA, he decided that Mike D'Antoni was to blame and said he would score 100 points against the Suns this season.  Pradamaster, from Bullets Forever, has given Arenas a break and said he would score 50 against the Suns.   I would be he doesn't score more than 35 and that the Suns win the game hands down.

One of the things the Phoenix Suns do is to let one player score all the points and keep all the other players out of rhythm.  It worked in the playoffs last year.  Also, the Suns have much better defense this year and that will help.

I have two keys to the game tonight:

  1.  STOP ARENAS! - Don't let him go off.  Don't let him work his wacky magic on the team.  Don't let his voodoo stop you from playing the way you play.
  2.  Come out with energy - The Suns have been stuck in Denver for several days now and if they do get to Phoenix in time to play, it will be a close call (at least, according to the rumors...I haven't heard anything different at this point).  If the Suns are feeling sorry for themselves that they got stranded in Denver, they're going to lose the game.
This game is going to be a good test of the Phoenix Suns' will to win.  Washington is only 13-12 but I think they are better than their record.  And with Gilbert Arenas - the box of chocolates of the NBA ('cause you never know what you're going to get) - it's bound to be a good game.  As soon as Pradamaster gets up a game thread, I'll link to that here as well so you can see what the Wizards fans are saying.

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