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Wizards, Weather Take Down Suns

Give all the credit to the Wizards and Gilbert Arenas.  He scored 54 (although he only had 49 in regulation!!) and killed the Suns in the last minutes of regulation to tie the game and put it into overtime.  I know the Suns are all big boys and are professionals so I don't want to take anything away from the Wizards and the awesome Wizards players.

But being a fan of the Suns, I have to think that flying into Phoenix 2 hours before the game and arriving at the arena less than 2 hours before the Suns had to hit the court had something to do with this loss.  Amare Stoudemire looked absolutely wasted out there in the first quarter.  Shawn Marion made mistakes that he never would make if he was at his full energy.  Steve Nash never would have missed 2 free throws - 1 in crunch time - if he hadn't been on a plane right before the game.

But Pradamaster from Bullets Forever was right.  Arenas scored 54 on some nasty shots.  I won't be like Kobe Bryant and rip on Arenas for the shots.  If you know you can make the shot, it's not a bad shot.  When he took the 35 footer at the end of a quarter, he knew it was going in.  There wasn't any doubt in his mind.  Towards the end of the game, there wasn't any doubt in MY mind either.  Arenas is awesome.  He's an assassin.

I just hope the Suns get to play the game on an equal playing field next time the teams meet.  I think the outcome may be a little different.

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