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Suns Blaze Through Portland

This one wasn't even close.  The Blazers couldn't even get closer with our scrubs in.  Sean Marks saw the first action of the season and the Blazers couldn't even stop the Suns then.

The key to the win?  Well, besides the Blazers being just plain bad, it was the assists.  The Blazers had 8 assists in the entire game.  Boris Diaw had 8 assists himself.  The Suns had 29 as a team.

The Suns also played some good defense (or was it that the Blazers played so poorly).  Oh.  And it didn't help that the Blazers took 12 three point shots and made only 1 of them.  The Suns made 9 of 18.

My prediction of the win margin was only 2 points off.  I predicted the Suns would win 122-97 and they ended up winning 110-87.

This was an awesome game for the Suns but it was against a poor team.  The Suns fly into Dallas to play a good team on Thursday.  That will be the real test.

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