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D'Antoni Goes Crazy; Starts Talking About Ducks

After the loss to Dallas on Thursday night, I think Mike D'Antoni went a little crazy.  Here's his quote as reported from Paul Coro from the Arizona Republic (edited for family viewing):

"The ducks are lined up, but those freaking ducks are Dallas and San Antonio in the way. There are a lot of [dang] mallards out there sniping at our [butt]."

Mike D'Antoni is becoming the quote-master of his era.  Here are some others from earlier in the season (from a previous post):

"We're soft as freakin' cupcakes out there."

"What I mind is we haven't got an offensive rebound since 1998."

"We're missing our heart and soul with Raja. He would've probably punched me out."

I thought the cupcakes quote was awesome.  Now I'm thinking the ducks quote is even better.  Think you can be like D'Antoni?  Come up with your own quote in the comments.

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