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Cavs No Match For Suns

It seemed like it was over before it even started.  The Cleveland Cavaliers aren't used to playing run-and-gun basketball like the Suns play and yet they tried to play the Suns' game.  Halfway through the quarter when the game had been up and down the court the entire time, I had a feeling the game would be over quickly.

In the first quarter, the Cavs were down by 7.  Yet they still tried to run with the Suns in the 2nd quarter.  By the time they realized that wasn't such a good idea, the Cavs were sucking wind and the Suns went on a 21-2 run to end the half.

The Suns didn't play super well in the 3rd quarter but by then it didn't matter.  Steve Nash had his 21 points.  Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire combined for their 36 points and 24 rebounds.  Raja Bell added another 18 points and the game was over.

James Jones continued his great shooting with the new/old ball and scored 13 points.

In the end, the Suns showed that the best in the East is no match for the best in the West when everything is clicking like it should.  The Suns are 15-1 against Eastern Conference teams - losing only to the Wizards in a shootout they could have won.

More on this great win later.

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