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Suns Show Their Own Magic Against Orlando

As someone said on KTAR the other day, hide the women and children because the Suns are still streaking! (I wish I could say I made that up but I heard it from a news guy on KTAR...I thought it was pretty funny.)

The Orlando Magic almost came back from an 18-point deficit.  But Steve Nash made 4 free throws at the end of the game and Shawn Marion made a huge block on Grant Hill to seal the game.

The Suns did an awesome job on holding Dwight Howard to only 10 points and 5 rebounds.  Jameer Nelson had 26 points.  The thing that kept the Magic in the game was the free throws.  The Suns shot 16 free throws (4 of them in the last seconds when the Magic needed to foul to get the ball back) and the Magic shot 20.  The Magic also had 7 blocks to the Suns' 2 and shot 53% from the 3-point line.

On the other hand, the Suns starters were absolutely awesome tonight with all scoring at least 12 points.  Boris Diaw had an awesome game and was only 1 rebound short of a triple-double.  This is the type of game we came to expect from Boris last year and hopefully we'll see a lot more from him this year.  The Suns shot 53% tonight and held the Magic to 46%.

This game was fun to watch and it seems like the Suns had a fun time playing as well.  One notable thing I saw was late in the game when James Jones got fouled and knocked to the floor.  Both Boris Diaw and Kurt Thomas literally ran to him to help him up.  I've watched enough games with other teams where that didn't happen to know that the Suns obviously are starting to have a good chemistry and really like each other.  I think that also is helping in the past streak and the current streak.

The Suns now head to Memphis to play the Grizzlies on Monday.  Comments on the game?  Leave them below.

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