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Are Suns fans spoiled?

The Suns have won 9 games in a row.  They had a 15 game winning streak earlier in the year.  They have won 25 out of their past 27.  They score 111 points a game.  They've only lost 3 games at home.

Are we, as Suns fans, spoiled?  Do we take what we have for granted?  Do we realize what it is like to be a Golden State Warriors fan where your team is perennially bad?  A Los Angeles Clippers fan where your team has tons of potential but never lives up to it for more than a year?  Or an Atlanta Hawks fan where a year is considered a success if they win more than 20 games?

Not only do the Suns win a lot of games.  They are fun to watch.  They aren't like the Spurs used to be where they would win a lot of games but the games weren't very entertaining.  Or the old Knicks teams that would win by beating other teams up.  The Suns wins are exciting with a lot of running, a lot of passing, a lot of three point shots and a lot of dunks.

Yet on message boards around the Valley there are Suns fans who don't seem to appreciate what they have.  When the Suns lost to the Wizards there were actually fans who were complaining that they lost.  Did they not realize that the team had just won 15 games in a row?  That the team had gotten to the arena 2 hours before the game because of the blizzard in Denver?  That they hadn't lost in literally a month (November 20 to December 21)?  That in the time the Phoenix Suns won those 15 games the Atlanta Hawks lost 12 games?  

While the Phoenix Suns fans have seen their team go on a 9-game winning streak almost immediately after a 15-game winning streak the Memphis Grizzlies fans have only seen their team win 9 games all season.

And yet I still hear fans complaining about the Suns and see fans on message boards saying the team really isn't that good.

I just wonder whether our fans appreciate the joy they can get while watching Steve Nash thread a perfect pass to Shawn Marion for a dunk.  Or enjoy an Amare Stoudemire dunk that looks like it might bring the entire basketball standard down.  Or see all of the starters sitting on the Suns bench at the end of the game get excited and cheer like fans when Pat Burke makes a three point shot.

This team is good.  They are fun to watch.  And they bring the excitement of basketball back to the NBA.  I just hope we all realize what it is we have here.  If you haven't gone to see a game yet, get out and see one.  You won't be sorry you did.

And if you're one of the fans that complains when the Suns lose a game or let an 18 point lead get away (how many teams actually even GET an 18 point lead on an opponent??) then you need to step back and look around you at the other teams in the league.  You've got a good thing here.  Don't take it for granted.  You're lucky you aren't a New York Knicks fan or a Philadelphia 76ers fan.  Enjoy what you have and appreciate it.  It won't be around forever.

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