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Grizzlies Try to Run and Go Into Hibernation in 2nd Half

The Grizzlies scored 66 points in the game they played before the Suns.  They scored 72 points in the half when they played the Suns.  What were they thinking?  That they could actually keep up with the Suns for an entire game?

Give Tony Barone (the best name in sports right now) credit for trying to get some excitement into the team.  And give him credit for getting his guys to perform the way they did for an entire half.  But like Barone said, "Our defense needs to be somehow shored up.  It isn't good enough to just think you can run. If you're going to play this style of basketball you have to play defense. You have to get back and contest shooters."

People are finally realizing that despite the run-and-gun style of the Phoenix Suns, they actually do play some defense.  Teams that try to emulate the Suns running style without emulating the defense get blown out.

Of course, it helps to have 2 starters score in the 20s and one in the 40s (Shawn Marion - 22, Raja Bell - 25, Amare Stoudemire - 42).  It also helps to have Amare Stoudemire score 15 points just on free throws!

Amare had a monster game last night and helped to get Steve Nash's assist total up to 15.  Shawn Marion added 13 rebounds as well.

Overall, the Suns pretty much gave a clinic to the Grizzlies on what they needed to do to play that style.  Of course, the Suns should have beat the Grizzlies as bad as they did.  The only disappointing thing about the game was that they let the Griz shot 58% from the field.

The Suns move on to Houston to play the Rockets on Wednesday night.

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