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MVP Talk

Seems like MVP talk is heating up a little bit and I want to throw my two-cents in there.  I'll say right up front.  I don't consider any Eastern Conference player a candidate for MVP.  How can I?  Cleveland has the best record in the Eastern Conference and they're 6 games behind the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns.  Here is who people are listing in the East:

  1.  LeBron James - His team has the best record in the East and he may have a shot at it.  They also have a pretty good record against Western Conference teams.  If I was going to give it to anyone in the East, it'd be LeBron.
  2.  Dwight Howard - He is a monster in the East right now with his 30 point, 25 rebound nights but   it's hard to think of a guy on a team just barely over .500 as an MVP candidate
  3.  Gilbert Arenas - This is the one that really bugs me.  Gilbert Arenas is the farthest thing from an MVP candidate.  Sure he can throw up 50 point nights (including 54 against the Suns) but his team is 8-7 against Western Conference teams and if his team was in the Western Conference, they'd be fighting for 8th place.  Not exactly a stellar team then.
So then we move to the Western Conference.  There are several MVP candidates here.
  1.  Steve Nash - Of course, I'm going to name Steve Nash as the MVP.  I watch him play every game.  He makes passes no one else can make and helps the players on his team reach their potential (or in some cases, exceed their potential).  He's definitely right up there and if I had to vote today, I would vote for him.
  2.  Dirk Nowitzi - Dallas is the best team in the league right now and Dirk is the reason why.  He seems to be everywhere when his team needs him most.  He can make shots, actually plays defense most of the time and is his team's leader.
  3.  Kobe Bryant - I almost gagged as I typed his name as an MVP candidate.  But his team has the 5th best record in the league and they've won 7 out of their past 10 games.  Kobe seems to allow his teammates to get involved this year and then takes over the game when he has to.  Somewhat like Steve Nash but Kobe is nowhere as affluent at it.  However, as much as it pains me to say it, I do think Bryant is an MVP candidate.
Think I missed someone?  Think I'm wrong in saying the Eastern Conference doesn't even deserve a candidate?  Let me know why.  I'm willing to change my mind if I can get some proof that they deserve to be included.  But until someone can convince me otherwise, the three guys from the Western Conference I listed above are my current candidates.

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