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Game Thread #29: Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bulls

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The Phoenix Suns take on the Chicago Bulls tonight in what should be a good game.  The Chicago Bulls are good.  They have a 19-12 record.  But let's look a little closer at that record.  Against Eastern Conference teams, they are 16-4.  If I did my math right (and the day after new years, my math is definitely susceptible) that means they are 3-8 against Western Conference teams.  

So on paper, the Suns should beat the Bulls.  But the Bulls are a good team.  Plus, it always seems the good teams in the East show up against the Suns - maybe to prove that they could play in the Western Conference as well.

Kirk Hinrich and Andres Nocioni always seem to kill the Suns.  But with Amare Stoudemire's improving defense and with Raja Bell having a chip on his shoulder after being wrongfully ejected in Sunday's game against the Pistons, I expect the Suns to try and stifle the Bulls in the first half and coast the second half.  Will it happen?  We'll see.

For a preview of the game from the Bulls point of view, visit Blog a Bull.  They've got a lot of good posts there plus they get a lot more traffic so they have a lot more fan perspective.  I read their blog even when the Suns aren't playing the Bulls just because it's entertaining.

Leave your comments on what you think will happen in the game below.