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New Nike Commercial

Last week I was alerted to a new Nike commercial by Nike's PR firm, GCI Group.  Three Phoenix Suns are in the new commercial.  It's actually a pretty cool commercial.  Not the best Nike commercial I've seen but definitely pretty cool.  Especially since three of the 10 guys are from the Suns.

Things to look for in the commercial:

  1.  The white suit they all wear looks cool on everyone but Nash.  He doesn't look bad in it, just not as cool as the other guys.
  2.  I love how Marion is standing at the end of the commercial.
  3.  What's with showing Amare getting the ball stolen?  Oh well, I guess Amare getting the ball stolen from him lets the guy stealing it look cool.
The commercial is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Air Force 1.  According to the GCI Group, the new campaign is called "The Second Coming: Our Game, Our Time."

If you have a second, view the commercial here.  Note that if you have a slow connection, or even if you have a fast connection, it will take a few minutes to load.  Warning:  The first time I tried to download this it froze my browser.  I tried it again on both Firefox and IE and it worked on both once I didn't have so many windows open.

If you do view the commercial, let me know what you think.  Think it's the best Nike commercial ever?  If not, what Nike commercials do you remember that were just awesome?

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