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Suns Beat the Best in the East

Suns win 127-105 and ask the East, "Is that all you've got?"  I've heard people call the Wizards the Suns of the East.  Well, they've still got a ways to go to really be like the Suns.

Steve Nash really wanted to win this game.  He shot 85% for the game and had 14 rebounds.  Amare Stoudemire was a non-factor in the game.  Every time he came out on the floor he would get a foul.  But even without Amare, the rest of the Suns produced.  There were 7 Suns players in double-figures.  The Wizards had 3.

Gilbert Arenas really didn't play well tonight.  He shot 44% for the game and had 5 assists.  When you take 25 shots, that is not going to help your team win.  Caron Butler had the most energy of any of the Wizards players and I thought he may take over the game to help the Wizards come back but it never happened.

The Suns have a really hard road trip coming up but this was a great way to start it out.  The head to NY tonight to play the Knicks.  Then they play again on Friday and finally on Sunday and Monday.  It's going to be rough trying to continue the streak but at least it is against the Eastern Conference teams.  That gives them a better chance than if they were playing teams in the Western Conference.

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