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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns at New York Knicks

Sorry for putting this post up so late in the day.  I just couldn't find any enthusiasm for posting it.  I mean, if the Suns just walloped the best the East had to offer, what are they going to do to the worst?

But therein lies the problem.  If I can't even get myself excited to write a 5 paragraph pre-game analysis, are the Suns going to have the same problem getting themselves ready to play the game?  And if they are looking forward to the game on Friday, will the Knicks come in and break the streak?  Despite Stephon Marbury not even playing?

These are the questions I have this fine afternoon as I take a break from crunching numbers and ponder the fate of the Suns against the lowly, lowly Knicks.

Analysis here after the game.

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