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There's No Other Team Like The Suns

Literally!  Never before in the history of the NBA has there been a team that had two 15-game win streaks before March.  And the Suns did it before February!  There really is no other team like them.

Can the streak continue?  They play the Bucks on Friday, the Cavaliers on Sunday and the Timberwolves on Monday.  All three games will be difficult if nothing else because the Suns are traveling and have a back-to-back with the Cavs and Wolves.

But the real test seems to be the two games after that.  They play the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday, February 1 and play the Utah Jazz on Saturday, February 3.  People have said that the Suns aren't a great team because they haven't beat the Jazz or the Spurs yet.  So if they're going to prove their critics wrong, they'll have to win both of those games.  They don't play Dallas again until March 14 so the critics still won't be silenced at least until then.

But despite all of that, be grateful that you're a Suns fan and that you get to watch this team on a daily basis.  It's an amazing thing.  They're doing things that have never been done before in the NBA.

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