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Charlie Rosen seems to have lost some brain power

The article discussed below was brought to my attention by DrStrom in a comment on my post about the article by Paul Coro.  

In Charley Rosen's recent article about Amare Stoudemire, the exercise by this reader was to evaluate the status of Rosen after his frontal lobotomy.  Well, ok, actually I'm not going to do that.  As full disclosure, I had about 8 paragraphs on a preview post ripping on Rosen's article - at least, I thought it was ripping on his article.  When I re-read it, I realized I was really just upset that he said bad things about Amare and was talking more about Rosen himself than about the article.  So I deleted it all.  But I at least wanted to point out the article so you could write to him if you wanted.

My beefs about the article:

  • You can't evaluate any player on just one game.  It's just ludicrous to think you can.
  • Amare even admits that he is only 85% back.  So why is Rosen evaluating him as if he is 100%?
  • The entire Suns team had a bad game on Wednesday.  It's hard to get a team excited to play a sub-500 team on a back-to-back on the road.
  • If you asked any team, I bet they would take Amare Stoudemire - even with his knee problems - above anyone else in the draft besides Yao Ming.  And who knows how Ming is going to come back after his leg heals.
  • Rosen's article seems a bit contrived.  It appears to me that he had to write about the Suns but didn't want to write the same old thing about how good they were.  So he had to figure out something bad to write about.  I wouldn't take too much credence in the article because I really think he was just trying to be different.

If you go to the article, there's a place to let Rosen know how you feel.  Read the article, comment if you feel you need to, but don't let this one article affect how you feel about Amare.  He'll be back at full strength soon enough.

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