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Bulls beat Mavs - Suns move into first place in the league

Why is that headline on a Suns blog?  Because that means the Suns actually have a better winning percentage than the Mavericks do.  They are currently tied for first place with the Mavericks.

What does that mean in the long run?  Probably not much.  Six months from now we probably won't care that the Suns had a better winning percentage than the Mavericks on January 26.  But here are two things to think about:

  1.  If the Suns have a better record than the Mavericks, they'll get home court advantage in the playoffs.  And the way these two teams are playing, it may just come down to who gets to play more on their home court.
  2.  In the short run, it's fun to finally have the best record.  Just to show how good of a team the Mavericks are, the Suns have won 31 out of their past 33 games and are only tied for first place.  That's pretty darn good.
Now we've got to hope the Suns can extend the lead with a win over the Bucks tonight.

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