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More Midseason Stuff

Here's another midseason article from ESPN.  I'm tired of talking about it so I won't really re-hash everything here but wanted to give you the link in case you're interested.

Just 3 points of interest:

  1.  I'm realizing how high the bar is for Steve Nash to win his third MVP.  Out of 6 guys, one chickened out (Anthony), 1 said Nash, 1 said Arenas (Sheridan's as crazy as Arenas is!) and 3 said Dirk.  And to be honest, I can't argue with the three that said Dirk.  If people had to vote right now, the only person besides Nash I wouldn't have a beef with winning it is Dirk.
  2.  Of the 6 analysts polled, only 1 said the Suns were the greatest offense ever.
  3.  The analysts were split right down the middle in regards to who would win the championship: 3 for the Suns and 3 for the Mavericks.  And at this point in the season it probably would go down to a 7th game.
The good thing is that the Mavericks seem to be peaking and while they are good, they have taken several games off in their current streak.  The Suns have played 33 straight games in which they had a chance to win.  The ball just didn't bounce their way in 2 of them.  And there's definitely a chance for the Suns to continue to get better.

Well, enough of this.  90 minutes until game time.

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