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Suns Coaching Staff Gets to Coach All-Star Game

So the Suns don't have a starter in the All-Star game - what in the crap were fans thinking when they were voting??  But at least they'll have the coaching staff there.  With the Spurs losing earlier this week and no one else even close to the Suns (and Dallas can't coach again since they did it last year), Mike D'Antoni and his staff will be in Las Vegas in February.

With the coaching staff should come 3 of the Suns starters as well.  The coaching staff gets to pick the reserves.  If Nash, Marion and Stoudemire don't all get to go, there will probably be some problems in the locker room.

The good thing is that all three deserve to go.  The bad thing is that D'Antoni is going to have to pick some Dallas players as well.  How can you not when they're doing so well?

But despite having to pick some Dallas players, it should be a fun time for all.  Congratulations, Mike D'Antoni and staff, for leading your team to the best record in the league and being able to coach the All-Star team.

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