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Game Thread #32: Phoenix Suns vs Miami Heat

This was supposed to be an easy game.  Pat Riley stepping down for a little while, James Posey and Antoine Walker not traveling to Phoenix, possibly Dwayne Wade not even playing.  And then what happens?  Raja Bell gets suspended for kicking Andrea Bargnani in the crotch.  It was a stupid move and below who I thought Raja was.  But it's happened and we have to move on.

Even without Raja Bell, the Suns should be able to pull off a win against the Heat - especially if Dwayne Wade doesn't play.  They have a better team at all positions and play with more heart than anything the Heat can conjure up.

The key to the game tonight?  Don't let Raja Bell's suspension affect how the team plays.  I would imagine Leandro Barbosa will start in Bell's place and that makes the bench a bit shorter.  So I would hope the Suns come out with a lot of fire, get a huge lead and let the guys trying out for 8th man - Marcus Banks, Jumaine Jones and James Jones - duke it out against the Heat to see who wants to come forward as the 8th man.

Go Suns!

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