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Game Thread #34: Phoenix Suns vs Seattle Supersonics

The Phoenix Suns welcome the Seattle Supersonics tonight at US Airways Center.  The Sonics aren't a very good team this year.  They are especially bad on the road.  The Suns are a very good team this year.  They are especially good at home.  This could turn into a perfect storm for the Suns.  One where Pat Burke gets 6-7 minutes of playing time.

Unless the team looks past the Sonics.  In that case, it could be a really close game.  So because of that, I have only one key to the game:

1.  Focus, focus, focus.  Play your game.  Know that you're the better team and play like it but don't overlook a team that will be looking to prove themselves against an awesome team.

If the Suns do that, they'll win the game easily.