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Suns Sneak Past Sonics

You look at the final score of tonight's game (113-102, Suns) and you think the Suns had an easy time with the Sonics.  In reality, it was a hard game for the Suns, especially in the first half.  

Nick Collison had a career night.  That's unfortunate.  The Suns had been trying to say that they were a great defensive team.  But when you let a player get career highs in both points and rebounds, it's a little hard to say that.  29 points and 21 rebounds?  That's just miserable to let someone like Nick Collison get those types of numbers on you.  

Shawn Marion had a monster game and truly looked like "The Matrix" in tonight's game.  29 points and 15 rebounds.  But it was the little things that aren't on the box score that proved Marion's worth tonight.  The tips to someone else so they could get the rebounds, getting in front of someone else when they're driving to the basket, the long arms in the passing lanes.

I would say he was the player of the game but I have to give that honor to Steve Nash tonight.  At one point, the Suns were down 6-16 and Steve Nash made 8 of the Suns' next 10 points with 2 three point shots and a two pointer.

The next game is against the Cleveland Cavaliers.  That should be a good game and the Suns should bring their "A" game then.

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