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Breaking News: Shawn Marion Video and More Knee Surgery for Amare?

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I will write some more thoughts about media day tomorrow evening, assuming the replay is available on by then. In the meantime, here's a clip of Shawn Marion that was posted on AZCentral. It's not exactly encouraging (i.e., it doesn't sound like he's regretting his trade request at all), and he's clearly tired of talking about it towards the end. But he's also standing by his "I'm going to play as hard as I can" statement too. It's unfortunate that whoever made this video didn't include the questions that were asked--it makes it kind of hard to gage a response when you don't know the "tone" of the person asking the question. But there's enough that anyone hoping for a full-fledged mea culpa will likely be a little disappointed.

On far more disconcerting news, East Valley Tribune is reporting that Amare Stoudemire is having arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. The details are very vague, and this has come so much out of the blue, I'm not even sure how to comment on it except to say that I was kidding when  I quipped about jinxing things in this morning's post. Here are the exact words describing the surgery in the EVT article:

"Team orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thomas Carter will perform the surgery to remove a loose body. Carter performed microfracture surgery on Stoudemire's left knee in October, 2005. The 24-year-old Stoudemire will miss two to three weeks and the Suns said he is expected to have a full recovery."

I even double-checked the date to make sure this wasn't an accidentally-recycled article from two years ago. Doesn't appear to be, but I haven't seen the news anywhere else so far. Let's hope this doesn't turn out to be anything major. I'm still recovering from last week's fiasco, as I'm sure are most of the fans reading this. I'll write more once we know more. For now, I guess, just think good thoughts.

Update: There is now an AZCentral article about Amare's "scope" (that's what they're calling it). A few more details in that one (mostly about his history of knee issues), but the details on the surgery sound similar:

"There is an expectation that it will be a simple procedure to remove a "loose body" and that he would only miss two to three weeks but a scope can also reveal more than a MRI does."

Update #2: The Media Day video is on now. Unfortunately, I have another obligation this evening, and it is now too late for me to watch a 90-minute video let alone comment on it, so I will watch it after work tomorrow and post my thoughts then. There is also an official announcement about Amare's surgery on as well. He's having it tomorrow. Like I said: Think good thoughts.

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