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Preseason Tips Off: Suns vs. Kings Open Game Thread

The Suns will open their preseason tonight with a game against the Sacramento Kings. Tipoff time is 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern, give or take the usual pre-game commentary. Can't you just feel the excitement? We're almost ready to begin this journey for real. Unfortunately, only those who live in the CSNW viewing area (e.g., Sacramento) or subscribe to NBA League Pass will be able to see the game on TV. The rest will have to settle for listening to it on NBA Audio League Pass, which is now free. This is one of the rare times when being a remote-based fan pays off I guess. I will watch as much of the game as my bleary-eyed self can handle, and post a brief report after it's through.

The Suns will be taking "small ball" to the extreme tonight as both Amare Stoudemire and Brian Skinner will be sitting this one out. This should give us an excellent opportunity to see if Sean Marks has anything to offer beyond a Pat Burke-type role, and will also open the door wide for Boris Diaw to channel his 2005-06 self and have the lane all to his lonesome. But chances are most fans are thinking of this game like I am--a first opportunity to take a look at Grant Hill playing alongside three of the four guys he'll be starting games with once Amare returns. I expect the rookies will get some useful minutes as well.

Consider this your open game thread. Feel free to discuss the game in the comments, and check back when it's through for a few brief thoughts. Also, if you haven't already, don't forget to leave your questions for Dan Hilton for Monday's Q&A.

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