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Coming Soon: Q&A #2 with Dan Hilton of

Fresh off of his first Media Day and training camp experience, Web Analytics Coordinator and former Bright Side of the Sun blogger Dan Hilton will be doing another Q&A with us, similar to the one he did in August. I have a few questions of my own I'll be asking, of course, but I also wanted to open it up to our readers this time to submit questions of your own. Preferred topics are:

  • The recent makeover
  • Media Day
  • Training camp
...however, other questions are welcome as well. Keep in mind that much as you wouldn't be allowed to divulge to the world your own company's proprietary secrets, there may be some questions that he cannot answer. But rest assured, every question submitted between now and our preseason tipoff later tonight (Thursday) will be passed along to Dan for consideration. So ask your questions in the comments, and I will post his responses Monday evening.

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