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Preseason Game #4: Suns at Clippers - Open Thread

[Update: ClipperSteve at Clips Nation has provided a recap of this game from a Clipper fan's perspective.]

The Suns will be seeing a lot of Staples Center the next few days. They'll play the Clippers tonight, and then play them again on Saturday as part of a "Preseason Shootout" involving the Clippers, the Lakers, the Suns, and the Bobcats. So, seeing as how the preseason is kind of a warm-up for the regular season, I suppose that makes tonight's game a warm-up for a warm-up. This is also the start of a three games in four nights stretch, so maybe it's also a warm-up for that jam-packed first two weeks of the season too.

Well, as has been the case for all but one of the preseason games so far, this one isn't televised, so that means no witty commentary from me during the game, and no witty commentary from me after the game either. However, this thread is here for anyone who wishes to discuss it anyway.

The game will be available on NBA Audio League Pass for those who want to listen and use their imagination to fill in the rest.

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