Bowman's Revenge

The regular season's just a warmup for the real season.

I've heard two things from Coach D recently that give me hope.

A while ago he said something to the effect that, "We have until June to figure out our rotation."
Last night on the pregame he said that he wants to make sure that he plays the reserves enough to be able to fill in should the need arise.  He said it would be difficult but it's a goal for the season.

I feel somewhat vindicated.

Also, Al McCoy really confused me.  I only listed to the beginning of the game and the end (I fit a workout in between) but at the beginning was talking about the Clippers' playoff series with the Suns from 2006.  He kept referring to "last year" and speaking as if they had something to build on.  Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention, but he seemed a bit confused.  Did anyone else get confused?