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Preseason Shootout Continues: Suns vs. Bobcats - Open Thread

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The previous game thread got exactly the number of comments that it sounds like the game deserved: Zero. By all reports, the Suns stunk it up for most of the game, and by the time the bench made a run in the fourth quarter, it was too late. Silver lining perspective: Marcus Banks came up huge in the fourth quarter, as part of a bench unit that "overwhelmed" the Clippers bench. I would take from this two positives:

  1. Banks continues to show he might be useful in certain situations as sort of an Eddie House-style "instant offense" player--only with better defense and greater shot variety.
  2. Perhaps when the Suns carry a big lead into the fourth quarter this season, garbage time will no longer be "grit your teeth and hope they hang on" time.
Well, enough about yesterday's stink-a-roo, which won't even be remembered a week from now. On to today's game. The Suns will face the Bobcats (losers of last night's Preseason Shootout game against the Lakers) at 4:30 Pacific/7:30 Eastern. The game will be available on NBA Audio League Pass. In case you're not one of the five people planning to attend, feel free to discuss the game here.