My Photoshop Campaign against David Stern

Hello Bright Side.

I begin my first entry into this site with a mission. I can't stand David Stern. I think any real Suns fan can understand after last year, and  seemingly every year's unfair treatment we all receive in the Playoffs. And we ALL pay the price, make no mistake.

The reasons he shouldn't be Commissioner anymore are fairly obvious. I could start with the fact David Stern allowed Referee's to officiate, knowing full well they could not to be trusted. I could end with the FACT that Stern claimed there would be some transparency for now on with reprimanding Officials, only to discover last week, the League punished Six UNNAMED Referee's. In direct conflict with Stern's former promises.

David Stern punished the Suns by saying, "It's not about doing what's right, it's about doing what's best for the league."

But when it comes to damage control for David Stern personally, it's alright to continue to hide from everyone the facts about his current dirty refs, even after he made the promise not to do that ever again. And they will continue officiating next season whether we like it or not. Apparently, he thinks that's "what's best for the league."

Right now, nothing could be worse for the league. Hiding information, slowly releasing as little information as possible over an extended period of time, that's only good for one person; DAVID STERN

Unfortunately, David Stern is about as trustworthy as Tim Donaghy at this point. And this is the person who runs the NBA's main front office? How can this be?

What can we fans do in protest? Well, it turns out, not a whole lot. David Stern says one thing and does another, and there is apparently no sort of repercussion for this villainy.

Well I've had it.

I have only one source of inspiration, and it comes from Jack McCallum book ":07 Seconds or Less." A great book I think is required reading for every sports fan, and David Stern should give it a look himself.

In Chapter 8, it details the day after the infamous "Luke Walton's foot out of bounds and still gets possession" incident. It follows, "By morning's end someone in Suns Nation has obtained a wider-angle version of the photo, added his or her own captions, and sent it into cyberspace. Diaw is shown running toward Nash, his mouth open, yelling."

"NOT CALLING TIME-OUT reads the caption. The one above Nash reads PROFOUND SENSE OF DEJA VU. The caption next to referee Salvatore reads FEELS NOTHING BECAUSE HE'S OBVIOUSLY SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL (STERN). Actually, the funniest captions on the photo are next to David Arquette, a courtside Laker fan (STILL AMAZED HE GOT COURTNEY COX TO MARRY HIM) and a background Laker Girl (HOPING THE LAKERS SCORE A TOUCHDOWN)."

Thanks so much to Jack McCallum for his unbelievable wit in defense of the Phoenix Suns in this incredible book.

What I think this portion of the book does is it clearly signals that one thing that does get the attention of the media, teams and the entire NBA is when we're clever. When we record the truth, expose it, and deal with it in a humorous way. Basically, Photoshop is one way to be really be heard.

And so began my minimal attempt at exposing what we think about David Stern's obviously self-serving activities. I'm on a Photoshop Campaign. I'm intent on creating as many humorous images based around David Stern's image as possible, sending it out into cyberspace, and encouraging others to do so also.

And I'm also asking fans for more ideas about what more we can do. Any funny photoshop ideas out there? Please let me know, I need your help. Please contact me here or at

To say that many of us Suns fans believe that David Stern will go out of his way to ignore our complaints, and to ignore the misdeeds done against our team and to our fans, this would be an understatement.

I don't know how many of us really believe Stern is against the Suns, but perhaps a poll can answer this question.

But my purpose in this is to continue the good fight, and hopefully to enlist as many creative people to the cause as possible. I'd love to see more people doing photoshop work, but I'm more than happy to run with anyone's ideas.

Here's a link to what I've done already.
(The first three are unknown works, the rest are mine)

While we now know things like this do "make the rounds," it might also be true that it may or may not be able to actually effect a change. But at least we can have a good time trying. ;-)