When Zero Tolerance Isn't

On Stu-Speak and Stern-Speak.  Orwell and Huxley never saw this type of Double-speak coming.

Funny stuff here:

It seems that every single NBA Official has broken the NBA's "zero tolerance" policy on gambling.  But, according to Stern, it's okay becuase everybody's doing it and it's not really that bad.  I mean, they didn't violate the spirit of the rule, right?  Here's the article:

Here's some of an edited post I had over at the COAP website:

This "zero tolerance" crap really riles me up. It's such double-speak, from politicians spewing their slogans to Stern and Stu. Politicians who promise to "crack down" if elected is as laughable as politicians implementing their programs "to save the children."

"You want to save the children, don't you?"  

"Aren't you against crime?"

So, NBA double-speak may now be termed either "Stu-Speak" or "Stern-Speak."

More on "zero tolerance":

  1. Here's my take on the leaving-the-bench suspensions --
  2. On not calling fouls in the postseason -- if the NBA instituted a "zero tolerance" policy on any "defensive" move pioneered by Bruce Bowen or Bill Laimbeer, there would be many more players fouling but I'm pretty sure the vast majority would change the way they play to resemble their regular season play.
  3. Terminable Offenses -- Where is "zero tolerance" on this one? If ever there were a time to actually use a "zero tolerance" policy, it would be this one.
I don't think refs should get fired for being in a casino or playing blackjack in Vegas. Rather, I'd hope this highlights the stupidity of "zero tolerance" policies.

There need to be guidelines and there needs to be someone exercising some judgment. Going to either side is easier to do and defend in soundbites, but it eventually just adds fuel to the flames.

The level of hypocrisy is astounding.  Is it just me, or does anyone else want to kick Stern in the nuts to get that smug smile off his face?