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Suns Preseason Ends Tonight in Seattle

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After winning their game against the Nuggets last night in thrilling fashion, the Suns will now take on the Sonics tonight in Seattle. The game will be at 7:00pm Pacific/10:00pm Eastern. It won't be televised, so it's back to NBA Audio League Pass if you want to follow along.

And now, a few quick observations about last night's game:

  • For all the worries about Grant Hill's health, it's Brian Skinner who's having trouble with injuries, as he sprained an ankle right after a nice block in last night's game. He played only five minutes as a result.
  • When Skinner was in the game, he was a much better defender than Sean Marks. However, his free throw shooting was beyond ugly.
  • D.J. Strawberry continues to impress, this time with his shooting. He went 6-9, including 2-4 from three, and nailed the game-winning shot in cold-blooded fashion.
  • Alando Tucker made an extra effort to grab rebounds, managing six in his 17 minutes. By far his best showing on the boards. His three-point shooting, on the other hand, was uglier than Skinner's free throws.
  • It looked like Steve Nash may have strained his hamstring after getting kneed in the back of his leg by Kenyon Martin in the first half. That may help explain the un-Nashlike 3-10 shooting. No word yet on whether he will play tonight, but the fact he came back in to play the third quarter hopefully means it's nothing major.
  • Amare Stoudemire looked great in the limited minutes he had.
Hopefully, the Suns can finish on a high note tonight, but the main thing at this point is no (more) injuries. By this time next week, we'll already be one game into the regular season. Let's hope we can get there with everyone available to play.

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