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Grant Hill Day Part 2: YouTubes

Grant Hill Day continues with some YouTubes featuring Grant mostly from his days with the Pistons and the Magic. Next time we do one of these, we should have some YouTubes of him playing in a Suns uniform, but for now, we'll have to settle for video from his prior teams. For anyone who missed Part 1, the link is here.

First up is a mix suggested by jasonsuns1 in an earlier diary. This features Grant from his days as a Piston. Check out that spinning, half-court shot near the beginning! Oh, and note to any readers savvy at creating YouTubes: I would love to have a general Suns YouTube mix set to this song after the season if the Suns win it all. This is perfect for Mike D'Antoni's "enjoy the journey" edict:

Here's another one from jasonsuns1. This is an interview did with Grant shortly after he signed his contract.

Next up, a highlight reel of Grant from his Pistons and Magic days.

Here's another mix. This one features a smorgasborg of highlights from Grant's Duke days as well as Pistons and Magic. Watch closely for the picture of Grant as a little kid near the beginning.

Finally, this is as close as we're going to get to a YouTube of Grant playing in a Suns uniform until after the season starts. Here are highlights from the recent preseason game against Denver. He has a couple of nice plays in this one, including a monster block that led to layup by Alando Tucker.

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