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Steve Nash Day

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The NBA season officially begins tonight, however, for Suns fans, we have to wait until Thursday to see our favorite team in action. That leaves time to squeeze in one more player "holiday" before the real fun begins. We will close out these features for now with 24 hours of posts dedicated to the ring leader of the Suns' Magnificent Seven (my name for Mike D'Antoni's "seven starters"), two-time MVP Steve Nash.

As usual, today's post will include some facts and trivia, and tomorrow, we'll follow up with a second post featuring reader-suggested YouTubes and commentary. So break out those keyboards and shoot me over your favorite videos, or share your thoughts in the comments.

A Few Quick Facts about Steve Nash (from Wikipedia,, Steve's NBA player profile page, and other sources):

Full Name: Steven John Nash

Birth Date: February 7, 1974 (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 178lbs

College: Santa Clara


Lastly, here is a recent article that appeared in New York Times PLAY Magazine.