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Steve Nash Day Part 2: YouTubes and Commentary

Our seventh, and final "player holiday" continues with Steve Nash Day Part 2. For anyone who missed Part 1, the link is here.

Before we get to the visuals, here are a few comments from readers. I'm chopping a few of them short to save space, so be sure to check out the full comments here.

From PurplePinoy:

McCallum's book Seven Seconds or Less has a very in-depth look at Nash's drive, attitude, intellegence, and abilities. As a college kid at Santa Clara he would prod his roommates to go to late night shooting practices just to make sure he still kept his stroke active. He always wanted, and I guess up to now, wants to make sure his game is sharp.
From JSun:
I just got back from my "old man" soccer league -- groaning, grunting and limping -- to realize that Steve Nash is less than a month younger than me. It's simply amazing what sports science can do for the finely-tuned athletes these days. It also peeves me that he's not considered "athletic" by NBA standards. The only thing he doesn't do is dunk. He's one of the fastest, strongest, most dexterous guys on the planet but he can't dunk so he's just an "average" guy. [Editor's Note: Or maybe he can?]
From Fayhis556:
I am the fan of Phoenix Suns. I love Nash from the start. His speed is unbelievable and when he gets opportunities to use it. He always tries to be the best player he can be with the group.

Before we begin with the YouTubes, let me just say that this was the toughest time I have had to date trying to narrow down a small enough selection to keep the post from being obnoxiously long and slow to load. As a result, a few that I really wanted to include didn't make the cut. I will list the links at the bottom under an "Also Recommended" heading.

We'll start off with Steve's three-pointer that sent the Suns' Game 6 against Dallas in the 2005 playoffs into overtime (and an eventual Suns series-clinching victory). You'll also see Dirk Nowitzki screaming at Jason Terry afterwards for than stellar defense.:

Next up are NBATV's top 10 Steve Nash plays for 2006. I am proud to say I got to witness #7 and #5 in person.

Here are Steve's 23 assists against the Lakers in the 2007 playoffs-one shy of the all-time playoff record:

This one is the "In My Own Words" feature from last season. Check out the wrestling match between Mark Cuban and one of the refs about 3:50 in:

Lastly, here is a mix entitled "Devoted", which is perfect for the Suns MVP. As usual, it makes his teammates look good too:

Also Recommended:

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