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Boris Diaw Day Part 3: YouTubes

Boris Diaw Day continues with the third and final installment, featuring YouTubes of Boris. For anyone who missed the first two, Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

First up is a mix suggested via e-mail by jasonsuns1. This one focuses a lot on the "dish" part of Boris's "drive, dish, defend" motto. Notice who most of those passes are going to. (That would be you #31!):

Next up, we have another one sent by jasonsuns1, this time featuring more of the "dunk" (not officially part of Boris's 3D moniker, but maybe it should be?), and other varieties of scoring:

Here is Boris making a poster of that German guy who plays for the Mavericks:

Last, here is possibly my favorite 3D play to date. Boris passes it over his head to Amare:

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