Typical slow Suns start or spoiled fans?

This is probably going to be really controversial but I have to say it.  The poll on the site asks what we think about the Suns' season so far but gives no option of "I think we're doing just fine, thank you very much."

At the beginning of the season, before the Suns played any games, if I told you the Suns would win 55 games without Kurt Thomas, having Steve Nash averaging 32 minutes per game (3 less than he averaged last year and ranked 82nd in the league in most minutes played) and had 7 players (8 if you include Amare) playing at least part of each game I think most of us would have been thrilled.

The Suns have won 66% of their games this season which would translate into a season ending record of 55-27.  Last season a record of 55-27 would have put the team in 3rd place in the Western Conference, still would have had the Suns win the Pacific Division by 13 games and would have made it so the Suns didn't meet the Spurs until the Western Conference Finals (if they beat their opponents before that obviously).

So let's stop our whining and complaining and actually enjoy the season.  Remember that we're trying to win a championship here and all we have to do is get a good record in the regular season - we don't have to win every game.