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Checking In on Nash and Raja

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Remember the baby tigers that were named after Steve Nash and Raja Bell a few months ago? I checked in on them today at the Wildlife World Zoo, and my how they have grown! When this video was shot back in February, the tigers looked to be roughly the size of Steve Nash's twin girls. Now, they're probably closer to the size of Steve himself. They're also quite difficult to photograph as I found out, or at least they were today. This was partly because the chain link fence and bars got in the way, and also because they just can't seem to stay still unless they're sleeping!

From the 20 or so minutes I spent trying to get a decent shot, I concluded that "Nash", with her white coat and blue eyes is the more exotic and beautiful of the two, while "Raja" seems to be the friendliest and more photogenic. "Nash" was quite camera shy, and I was only able to shoot her photo from a distance. "Raja" on the other hand came right up close to the fence and mugged for the camera a little. Both tigers are absolutely gorgeous, and clearly are growing up fast. One of the zookeepers mentioned that another set of cubs might be due around Christmas time. He didn't say whether they will be named for Suns players too.

"Nash" takes a post-nap stretch

"Raja" mugs for the camera

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