Stat Attack: Suns Win 106-99 in opener

I won't do one of these for every win, but I'll try and look at the important wins. And this is opening night. It's mostly to get used to writing about it.

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Let's do some bad news.

Steve Nash was really, really bad in the first half last night. In his first two series, he was at a combined -4, with 6 assists to 5 turnovers. Of the 9 lineups he was in last night, only three were in the positive plus/minus.

The Suns were -6 on offensive rebounds. That's too many second chance points, especially for a team that was shooting 51% at one point last night (they later cooled off as the Suns heated up, but still, not what you want to see).

Here's the good news.

There's been a lot of discussion around these parts regarding our bench. Last night, the bench looked great.

For starters, our best lineup was:


at +7 (best in the NBA for the night)Lenovo, with a BV rating of 110, which is very, very good. It should come as no surprise that this lineup had a 50% OffReb%.

 This is only on a few  minutes. Behind the starters, the second longest lineup was


This was only +2, but shot up when you considered the defensive effort and efficiency.

So we got production. Individually, Diaw was +9, Banks was +7, and Barbosa +6. Skinner was +2, but was only in one series.

Here's something interesting.

Stat only had one personal foul when he left the game 4 minutes into the first. I thought that was a pretty quick yank by Coach D. I wonder if he was resting the knees. But then Stat comes back in 2.5 minutes later and racks up 2 quick personal fouls to go with his 1 from the first stint and has to sit down for the quarter. I wonder if Coach D will leave him in a bit longer tonight, and give him longer rests?

Grant Hill's performance was mixed. He managed to add something in the stats on each of his trips, and had a plus/minus of +3. But he wasn't as involved in the motion of the offense as you'd expect, and his units were split on positive to negative.

Not a good night for Matrix. -3 on the night, even though he had a double double. He did have the second most minutes, which may have affected it. I'm sure he'll bounce back tonight, and I'm not going to complain about a guy that goes 7-10 from the field.

Some interesting Reb% rates.
Matrix: 55.78%
STAT: 64.63%
Diaw: 75.21%

I think the starting lineup is great for 80% of the teams in the league. But the Stat/Diaw two player combo (+7 last night) could be really important this year.

Nash and Marion were -1 on 31 minutes together.

A meaningless single 1st game, but some interesting things to track for the future.